5 Best Replacement Cartridges for Hayward C1200 Filtration Systems

Posted by James May on 15th Feb 2022

5 Best Replacement Cartridges for Hayward C1200 Filtration Systems

When seeking a pool filter replacement cartridge for your Hayward C1200 filtration system, you don't have to spend a fortune on inferior, OEM filter options...
There are a variety of brands that offer replacement cartridges for a fraction of the cost, that are just as effective!

Check out these five popular Hayward C1200 replacement cartridges to ensure you don't sacrifice quality or waste your hard-earned money!

MOAJ MJ120P Pool Filter Cartridge

#01: MOAJ MJ120P

Made to fit perfectly with your Hayward Star-Clear Plus C1200 filtration system, this premium, asepsis-infused filter gives you an extra layer of protection to keep your pool water cleaner and your loved ones healthier! MOAJ MJ120P cartridges feature antimicrobial technology that purifies your pool water against harmful bacteria to ensure a worry-free swimming experience. These filters are tested and certified by IAPMO to surpass NSF/ANSI 50 standards, so you can trust it will provide you with the cleanest and clearest pool water possible. Even when loaded down with sediment, their pleated fabric maintains its shape and won't break! The dirt-locking filtration fabric is durable, washable and reusable, which will definitely save you money in the long run. MOAJ pool filter cartridges also feature a high-flow core that provides excellent support to the filter while allowing for maximum water flow. MOAJ offers a 100% money-back guarantee so that you can buy your filter with confidence!

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MOAJ MJ120A Pool Filter Cartridge

#02: MOAJ MJ120A

If you want advanced cleaning and filtration power with an affordable price tag, look no further than the MOAJ MJ120A. Say goodbye dirt, sediment and algae, thanks to their proven trilobal fabric structure and heavy duty construction! This enhanced filter is specially engineered to have a longer life cycle, due to its washable and durable fabric, which is expertly pleated to offer maximum surface area and increase strength against debris. The MOAJ MJ120A cartridge is almost identical to their MJ120P model, just without the added benefit of antimicrobial protection. Considering their premium antimicrobial version is only a few dollars more, the MOAJ MJ120P is still probably your best bet...

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Pleatco PA120 Pool Filter Cartridge

#03: Pleatco PA120

Pleatco PA120 filter cartridges provide your pool with a high level of cleanliness, while flawlessly fitting your Hayward C1200 filtration system. Their pleated fabric structure allows PA120 filters to capture a large volume of contaminants without breaking: Say goodbye to dirt, sediment, hair, sand, and debris! Certified by IAMPO to NSF/ANSI 50 standards, you can trust your pool water is safe for every member of your family to enjoy. With proper maintenance, these filters can be reused multiple times, which can definitely save your money in the long run. Pleatco offers a 100% money-back guarantee for six months and a lifetime warranty on any filter with manufacturer defects in the materials.

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Unicel C-8412 Pool Filter Cartridge

#04: Unicel C-8412

When you're searching for a high-quality pool filter cartridge replacement that doesn't break the bank, the Unicel C-8412 is an excellent option for maintaining clear and clean pool water. With 172 pleats, you don't have to worry about dirt and debris contaminating your pool ever again. Made to fit your Hayward Star Clear Plus 1200 filtration system, cleaning even the largest pools is no problem for the Unicel C-8412. This washable and durable filter has a prolonged life cycle, providing you longer use than many low-cost filters on the market!

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Filbur FC-1293 Pool Filter Cartridge

#05: Filbur FC-1293

The Filbur FC-1293 provides superior filtration thanks to its Reemay filtration fabric. Made to match OEM specifications, you never have to worry if this replacement filter will fit your Hayward filtration system. Filbur's polyurethane end caps are made to withstand the harsh chemicals found within pool water, so they won't split or break over time. With sharp pleat folds, there is no bridging, allowing dirt to penetrate deeply for increased water flow and simpler cleaning. Its low-maintenance design is easy to clean and reuse, so you have to replace it less often. Filbur FC-1293 cartridges can effectively filter dirt, sand, sediment and leaves, so you can spend time enjoying your pool, not cleaning it!

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If you're looking for a replacement cartridge for your Hayward C1200 filtration system, these five options provide you with the high-quality cleaning you expect at a fraction of the cost.
Each option is made to withstand harsh chemicals and is easily reusable, lasting longer while saving you time and money!

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