5 Best Replacement Cartridges For Pentair CC100 Filtration Systems

Posted by James May on 25th Feb 2022

5 Best Replacement Cartridges For Pentair CC100 Filtration Systems

Replacing your pool filter cartridge can be an expensive proposition...
One of the most common filters, the Pentair CC100, comes with a massive price tag, making it out of reach for many consumers.

If your pool has the Pentair Clean and Clear 100 filtration system, but you don't want to pay an arm and a leg for a pool filter cartridge replacement,
These five choices will give you the same top-quality filtration at a fraction of the price!

MOAJ MJ100P Pool Filter Cartridge

#01: MOAJ MJ100P

The MOAJ MJ100P is an excellent option for Pentair CC100 filtration systems. This highly durable, washable, and reusable filter lasts longer than many premium brands, helping you save money over time. The high-impact, chlorine-resistant end caps are guaranteed never to crack or warp and hold up against all common pool chemicals. Never worry about dangerous microbes causing sickness in your pool again, thanks to the germ-resistant construction that keeps bacterial growth off the cartridge!

With innovative dirt locking technology, MOAJ filters effectively capture a larger number of contaminants than most other filters. The core structure provides high-flow rates while also providing the rigidity and support necessary for a longer life. These filters are tested and certified by IAPMO to surpass NSF/ANSI 50 standards, so you can trust it will provide you with the cleanest and clearest pool water possible!

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MOAJ MJ100A Pool Filter Cartridge

#02: MOAJ MJ100A

The MOAJ MJ100A is an advanced pool filter cartridge replacement perfect for providing your pool with a superior filtration experience. It outpaces most other premium brands with a 4oz per square yard filtration fabric weight, and its durable design ensures you can wash and reuse it for an extended amount of time without any loss of function. The MOAJ MJ100A features an advanced Trilobal fabric structure that prevents a wide variety of contaminants from getting into your pool, all while fitting flawlessly with your Pentair CC100 filtration system!

The MOAJ MJ100A cartridge is almost identical to their MJ100P model, just without the added benefit of antimicrobial protection. Considering their premium antimicrobial version is only a few dollars more, the MOAJ MJ100P is still probably your best bet...

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Pleatco PAP100 Pool Filter Cartridge

#03: Pleatco PAP100

When you want a no-nonsense filter, the Pleatco PAP100 gets the job done. With advanced point bonded filtration fabric, it filters out large and small debris with ease, keeping your pool water crystal clear and clean. The Free Flow Core pairs together with the filtration fabric to provide rapid turbidity reduction, increasing the length of time between servicing and cleanings. When you use the Pleatco PAP100, it produces less pressure and greater water flow, reducing energy consumption to save you money! Pleatco offers a 100% money-back guarantee for six months and a lifetime warranty on any filter with manufacturer defects in the materials.

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Unicel C-9410 Pool Filter Cartridge

#04: Unicel C-9410

The Unicel C-9410 is constructed from 100% spun-bonded polyester, making it one of the most effective and durable filters for capturing even the smallest debris. You can expect crystal clean water every day thanks to the affordable yet efficient filtration capabilities on all Unicel filter replacement cartridges.

This washable and durable filter has a prolonged life cycle, providing you longer use than many other low-cost filters on the market! When you choose the Unicel C-9410, you can trust a perfect fit every time. Unicel products are some of the highest quality filters available and boast extreme customer satisfaction.

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Filbur FC-0686 Pool Filter Cartridge

#05: Filbur FC-0686

Made to match the precise OEM specifications, you can trust that the Filbur FC-0686 will perfectly fit your Pentair Clean and Clear 100 filtration system. Each Filbur filter is made from Reemay material, with extremely durable end caps molded from high-quality polyurethane. The center cap is created from reinforced PVC to withstand even large debris and ensure an extended lifespan. Filbur FC-0686 filters have sharp-angled pleat folds to stop bridging and allow dirt particles to penetrate deeply, producing superior flow and making cleaning a breeze!

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When choosing a replacement filter, it's essential you choose one that perfectly fits your filtration system to ensure optimal performance.
Every filter we discussed is made from high-quality materials and will provide you with an excellent fit, so you can spend your time enjoying your pool, not worrying about finding the right filter!

You don't have to settle for a costly Pentair filter for your Pentair Clean and Clear 100 filtration system...
You can find a high-quality pool filter cartridge replacement from reputable brands that offer superior performance at a fraction of the cost!

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