5 Best Replacement Cartridges for Pentair CC150 Filtration Systems

Posted by James May on 17th Feb 2022

5 Best Replacement Cartridges for Pentair CC150 Filtration Systems

When purchasing a replacement cartridge for your Pentair Clean And Clear 150 filtration system, you don't have to settle for the high cost of an OEM filter...
There are other reputable brands that provide you with comparable cleaning power at a fraction of the cost!

If you're in the market for a pool filter cartridge replacement that provides superior results, this list of five excellent options is sure to help you find the perfect match:
Each of these filters is designed to work seamlessly with the Pentair CC150 filtration system, so you don't have to worry about dimensions or fitment!

MOAJ MJ150P Pool Filter Cartridge

#01: MOAJ MJ150P

Made to fit perfectly with your Pentair CC150 filtration system, this premium, asepsis-infused filter gives you an extra layer of protection to keep your pool water cleaner and your loved ones healthier! MOAJ MJ150P cartridges feature antimicrobial technology that purifies your pool water against harmful bacteria to ensure a worry-free swimming experience. These filters are tested and certified by IAPMO to surpass NSF/ANSI 50 standards, so you can trust it will provide you with the cleanest and clearest pool water possible. Even when loaded down with sediment, their pleated fabric maintains its shape and won't break! The dirt-locking filtration fabric is durable, washable and reusable, which will definitely save you money in the long run. MOAJ pool filter cartridges also feature a high-flow core that provides excellent support to the filter while allowing for maximum water flow. MOAJ offers a 100% money-back guarantee so that you can buy your filter with confidence!

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MOAJ MJ150A Pool Filter Cartridge

#02: MOAJ MJ150A

If you want advanced cleaning and filtration power with an affordable price tag, look no further than the MOAJ MJ150A. Say goodbye dirt, sediment and algae, thanks to their proven trilobal fabric structure and heavy duty construction! Every MOAJ filter is expertly engineered for prolonged life, saving you considerable money. Its washable and durable fabric allows you to quickly and easily clean debris without compromising performance. The MOAJ MJ150A cartridge is almost identical to their MJ150P model, just without the added benefit of antimicrobial protection. Considering their premium antimicrobial version is only a few dollars more, the MOAJ MJ150P is still probably your best bet...

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Filbur FC-0687 Pool Filter Cartridge

#03: Filbur FC-0687

Made to exact OEM specifications, Filbur FC-0687 filter cartridges contain Reemay polyester filter media, a premier material for excellent filtration results! The low-maintenance design is simple to clean and reusable, providing you with prolonged usage to save money. Its sharp pleating allows dirt to penetrate more deeply, making cleaning a breeze and allowing for increased water flow. The innovative design means you never have to worry about bridging again, so no dirt or debris can sneak its way into your pool water. Filbur FC-0687 cartridges feature bacteria-resistant and durable end-caps, withstanding the damaging chlorine and salt within your pool water!

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Unicel C-9415 Pool Filter Cartridge

#04: Unicel C-9415

The Unicel C-9415 filter features 150 square feet of high-quality filtration material made in the USA. The durable polyester fabric is built to last longer than cheap alternatives, providing you with a durable and washable product that maintains its integrity even when loaded with sediment! Their cartridges feature sharp pleat folds that allow for deeper dirt penetration without limiting water flow... There's no need to bother with expensive alternatives: The Unicel C-9415 filter is an affordable and efficient option to replace your Pentair CC150 filter!

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Pleatco PAP150 Pool Filter Cartridge

#05: Pleatco PAP150

The Pleatco PAP150 filter features point bonded filtration fabric, which uses finer fibers to catch even the smallest particles of debris while offering superior water flow. Its easy-clean design provides hassle-free maintenance so you can spend less time worrying about your filter and more time enjoying your pool! Pleatco's durable end-caps also hold up against harmful chemicals, making them less likely to break or split under pressure. All Pleatco filters are manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure a long lifespan, allowing you more time between replacements!

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When it's time to purchase a pool filter cartridge replacement for your Pentair Clean And Clear 150 filtration system, don't spend a fortune on OEM options...
Instead, choose one of the five premium filter cartridges above, which provide you with the clean and clear pool water you demand at a price you can truly appreciate!

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